Petros Kareklas

Dr. Petros Kareklas was born in Kythrea-Cyprus in 1949. He studied Economics at the University of Freiburg in Germany and got his Ph.D in the same field at the University of S. Carolina in Columbia, USA.

Dr. Kareklas served for many years in the Public sector of the Republic of Cyprus and especially as Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Sport and Youth, of the Ministry of Defense and of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order. He has also held a top managerial position in the Employers and Industrialists Federation of Cyprus and he has been admitted in esteemed foundations and was bestowed prestigious awards.  As a founding Trustee of the Cyprus Institute, he has greatly contributed to its establishment and to the development of its administration and operation.  He is currently also a member of the SDSN Cyprus Leadership Council. Since 2012 he is the elected Mayor of his hometown Kythrea and since 2019 President of the Committee of Occupied Municipalities of Cyprus.

Generally, Dr. Kareklas is acknowledged for his significant and influential contributions to the economic and political development, education and research in Cyprus and for his outstanding contribution and tireless efforts in building international collaborations.


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